A Taste: The Lobster Roll at Red Hook Lobster Truck with Oysters from Brooklyn Oyster Party

Two “Maine Style” lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound with oysters from Brooklyn Oyster Party

Our “A Taste” feature presents single noteworthy dishes from NYC’s food scene.

The Red Hook Lobster Pound’s food truck – considered by some to be the best food truck in the country – offers a broad range of superb lobster rolls.  Opt for the classic “Maine Style” – served cold with celery and spices, and held in place with a touch of homemade mayo. The classic split bun sandwich is filled with clumps of generously portioned, meaty lobster pieces. A few chopped scallions are placed on top for good measure. Priced at $16, it compares favorably to the best lobster rolls in the city, while being far less expensive – easily beating the close-to-$30 rolls at Ed’s Lobster Bar or Pearl Oyster Bar. Follow them on Twitter for the truck’s current whereabouts. Or head down to their restaurant in Red Hook. 

The truck can also be found at the city’s Smorgasburg locations, and the lobster rolls pair well with fresh oysters from Brooklyn Oyster Party, another Smorgasburg mainstay. Wash them down with a cold beer, and enjoy what’s left of the warm weather.

Red Hook Lobster Pound

284 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 858-7650
Check this schedule for the truck’s whereabouts.

Brooklyn Oyster Party
At Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea
Check this schedule for their market locations and hours

The Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck on Urbanspoon The Red Hook Lobster Pound on Urbanspoon

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