A Taste: Ma Po Tofu at Grand Sichuan in Hell’s Kitchen

Grand Sichuan NYC Midtown - Ma Po Tofu

The ma po tofu at Grand Sichuan on 46th street, bursting with flavor and heat

As every NYFJ reader knows, we have a special affection for Sichuan cuisine, with its big bold flavors and powerful blend of garlic, ginger and chilies. We crave the one-of-a-kind floral tingling sensation of Sichuan peppercorns, which, in the words of Pete Wells, leave our lips vibrating like a tuning fork.

Grand Sichuan NYC - Tea Smoked Duck

Tea Smoked Duck

Grand Sichuan on 46th Street and 9th Avenue is one of our go-to spots for authentic Sichuan food, especially when we can’t make it to Chinatown or Flushing. It serves up all our favorites, like dan dan noodles, tea smoked duck, cumin lamb, and dry sauteed string beans.

The ma po tofu really stands out. Grand Sichuan’s version of the classic has a deep, complex flavor, made from fiery chilies, abundant fresh garlic, salty fermented black beans, and tart black vinegar (try our recipe). Ground pork is optional, and I usually leave it out. Naturally, the dish is topped off with lots of tongue-tingling Sichuan pepper. The heat is truly intense; the kind that makes your nose run and your forehead sweat—in other words, the best kind. But it is heat with a purpose, loaded with the flavors that only good chilies can provide.

Grand Sichuan
368 West 46th Street
Tel. (212) 969-9001

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    Have you guys tried the Ma Po Tofu at the Grand Sichuan in Chelsea (24th & 9th)? I think it’s amazing, but haven’t tried this one. Would love to know which one you prefer if you’ve had both!

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