Frittata with Ramps and Cherry Tomatoes

Frittata with Ramps and Cherry TomatoesNow is the time to eat ramps, the garlicky young wild leeks that are available in the New York area only in Spring and only for a few weeks. We buy a large bunch every weekend at the farmer’s market and enjoy them for the whole week, whether simply sauteed, tossed into pasta, sprinkled on a salad, or scrambled with eggs. I’m a big fan of ramp fried rice.

For Mother’s Day brunch, I turned to a simple frittata made with cherry tomatoes, mild cheeses, and of course abundant ramps. This is an adaptation of a recipe bestowed on me by the owners of the Henry Farm Inn in Chester, Vermont. It is done entirely in a baking dish and requires only grating some cheese and chopping a few tomatoes and ramps.

Frittata with Ramps and Cherry Tomatoes

Ramp Frittata 1

The Frittata is Served

8 ounces mild cheddar
4 ounces Monterrey jack cheese
1 tablespoon flour
1/2 cup half and half
6 eggs
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 large handful of cherry tomatoes
1/4 pound ramps (or substitute some basil)

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Grate all the cheese (I use a food processor), toss it with the flour, and place it in an ungreased pie pan or casserole. Slice the bulbs and stems of the ramps finely and coarsley chop the leaves. Mix the cut-up ramps in with the cheeses, reserving some of the leaves for sprinkling on top.

3. Beat the eggs together with the half and half and the Worcestershire sauce. Pour the mixture over the cheeses. Chop up the tomatoes and sprinkle them top with the remaining ramps. Bake for 35-40 minutes until the frittata is firm.

4. The frittata may be served directly out of the baking dish. Or, to be more fancy, do this: gently use a pairing knife to release the edges of the frittata from the sides of the baking dish. Place a large plate face-down on top of the baking dish and, using pot holders to avoid burning your hands, quickly flip the baking dish and plate over so that the frittata is sitting on the plate. Wiggle the baking dish to get it to slide out and set the baking dish aside. The frittata is now upside-down. Place a serving dish face-down on the frittata and, with two hands, quickly turn over the plate, frittata, and serving dish. It now looks beautiful. Serve and enjoy!

The frittata can be prepared 24 hours in advance of baking and kept in the fridge covered with plastic wrap.

Total time: 1 hour (mostly passive)
Makes about 8 servings


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